Epitaxial Manufacturing

Manufacturing, Marketing, and Selling of Epitaxial Wafers:

Compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers are used in a variety of commercial applications including: wireless communications, laser/LED manufacturing and solar energy conversion.  Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies manufactures custom epitaxial wafers using MOCVD (Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition) in our state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Sumika Electronic Materials is part of Sumitomo Chemical’s global network of compound semiconductor manufacturing facilities including: production facilities in Chiba, Japan and research and development in Tsukuba, Japan.


From development to high volume manufacturing, our growth processes have been proven to produce wafers with the high level of uniformity and reproducibility necessary for demanding applications.

Our current capacity is >250,000 wafers/year including our facilities in Chiba, Japan.

Our facilities in Phoenix include:

  • 50,000 sq. ft with over 6,000 sq. ft of clean room space utilized to produce gallium arsenide (GaAs) epitaxial wafers for the Compound Semiconductor market worldwide. Our facilities in Phoenix include:
  • Expandable to 19 reactors
  • Full characterization facilities including large area device fab.


In Phoenix, our dedicated engineering team is committed to providing development quantities of wafers for low volume or one of a kind applications. We have the experience needed to move from concept all the way to high volume manufacturing.

In Tsukuba, Japan, we are working on development of a variety of next generation processes including:

  • High performance pHEMT
  • GaAs on Si
  • GaN for power device
  • Solar Cell


Our current capabilities include the following processes and products:

  • pHEMT
  • InGaP HBT
  • LEDs (GaAs-based)
  • Diodes (GaAs PIN, Schottky, Varactor, Gunn)
  • Optical devices (solar cell, laser diode, VCSEL)

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