Semiconductor Photoresists and Functional Cleaning Solutions


Semiconductor Photoresists and Functional Cleaning Solutions:
Our company serves as the base of our operations within the United States and customer support for Sumitomo Chemical’s photoresist business, which includes Dry and immersion-type Arf, Krf, and i-line photoresists for a wide range of semiconductor and packaging applications. We also service customers for other products such as process chemicals. Activities include development, sales, distribution, technical support, and global specification.

Advanced Photoresists [SUMIRESIST®]

Drawing on the broad expertise our company has accumulated over many years as a diversified chemical company, our company continues to expand our line of SUMIRESIST® positive-type photoresists. As one of the leading photoresist suppliers in the world, our product portfolio covers a wide range of technologies and applications. In anticipation of ever growing and diversifying customer needs, our company continuously increase and focus our development efforts on more advanced resist platforms, including those for next generation lithography technologies.

  • i-line: PFI / PFM / PXi / NX Series photoresists for all critical and non-critical applications.

• We also offer chemically amplified i-line resist (PXi / NX series). Please see slide 3 of ‘i-line/KrF/ArF’ information sheet.

  • KrF: PEK Series photoresists for all critical and non-critical applications.
  • ArF: PAR Series photoresists (both dry and immersion applications) for your most demanding applications.
  • We are developing multiple advanced patterning techniques with our partners to meet the continuing lithography roadmap requirements

Color Photoresist:

Sumitomo now offers a full line of color photoresists including high refractive micro-lens materials and dark photoresists for advanced CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) applications. For details please see contacts at bottom of this page.

Information Sheets

i-line / KrF / ArF Photoresist Product Line-up

Color Photoresist


Functional Cleaning Solutions (and Dongwoo Fine Chem)


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For more information on Semiconductor Process Materials contact:

Klaus Pietrczak
Director of Sales & Marketing
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Jason R. Cantone
Regional Manager
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Frank Fischer
Corporate Account Executive
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